Hakuna Matata. A bold statement considering the turbulent and dramatic past of this small East African archipelago. But perhaps a noble one in many respects. For why not move on and embrace the present.

And the present on Zanzibar is classic island living. Long white sandy beaches continue on into the horizon delicately interrupted by palms and coconut trees that sway gently in the tropical breeze. Sprinkle in the odd mangrove here and there in amongst clear turquoise waters and there you have it, a veritable playground where you can easily lose track of time and other man made concerns.

Once a spice haven and major supplier of cloves to the world at large, Zanzibar has now settled into more modest spice production. The aromas however, linger on and are ever present in all that you eat. Cinnamon, cloves, pepper, nutmeg and cardamom all ingratiate themselves upon your senses just enough to clear your vision and help you to see the wonders of the island.

Every day like clockwork the electricity fades away for about half an hour or so and as long as you have managed to settle yourself with a long cool drink in hand and an ocean view before you, the fact that a distant hum becomes silent for a while is of no concern. Besides, why not relax and toast to your health. Hakuna Matata.